About InEpact
InEpact offers the market state-of-the-art technology to transform waste energy to high quality electricity. We are a spin-off from SRM (Svenska Rotor Maskiner), and even though we are a stand-alone company, we have much cooperation with SRM. The core of our technology utilises the screw expanders developed by SRM, an expander with a robust function allowing operation at severe and varying conditions. This makes it possible to transit low grade heat to electrical power during different situations.

InEpact offers to the market Organic Rankine Cycle units (ORC) and Wet Steam Turbine units (WST). A sustainable world is not possible without technology for effective energy systems. We can make a difference in a changing world. Our Heat-to-Electricity technology is unique and contributes to solving the global climate challenges we face. Read more about InEpact here: www.InEpact.com

The Market
The market for our units is great, and our company needs to grow the technical team to better support the market with the optimum solution within the following industries:
• Chemical and petrochemicals
• Marine
• Pulp and paper
• Energy distribution
• Geothermal wells
• Industrial waste heat

The head office of InEpact is located in Nacka, Stockholm. This is the intended workplace of the job, but our office in Norrköping is also possible.

The job
The main task of the job we offer is thermodynamic and process calculations within the scope of InEpact’s business area, but other tasks related to this work will also be required:

Offer management
• Analyse and evaluate clients’ requests.
• Calculate proposals.
• Prepare technical specifications.
• Establish the project cost.

• Participate with the process design.
• Participate with the control’s functionality.
• Evaluate the technical outcome of the contract.

• Produce sales material for market presentations.
• Present our products for clients and other auditoriums.

• Discuss and evaluate new concepts.
• Functional specifications for production.
• Design in-house software.

Your profile
• You carry a university degree in energy/thermodynamic subjects or corresponding.
• You have experience working with thermal processes and a good understanding of process control.
• You are fluent in English both written and verbal.
• IT-instruments such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CAD etc. are not limitations.
• Travelling to meet clients and consultants locally and internationally occur, and you are able to discuss issues at different levels.
• Deep understanding of heat recovery like ORC-systems and steam turbine technology put you in a good position.
• Market experiences of marine and energy management are highly valued.
• Experiences with practical hands-on is appreciated.

For your job we supply you with necessary work tools like suitable softwares, public or in-house, both of general type like Office 365 but more specialized like Nist’s RefProp, ESS, AutoCAD, SolidWorks etc. You can also develop your own software for analysis and calculations.

What we offer
We offer a unique opportunity for you to work with the latest technology within green energy and together with us ensure success for our clients, for us and for the environment.

Interested in joining our team? For this position we work together with EnHunt. Apply through following link and contact Jessica Nilsson at jessica.nilsson@enhunt.com for more information. Welcome with your application!