Technical Recruiting

When your technical organisation needs an experienced and competent person, recruiting via EnHunt is an excellent solution. Through substantial search and headhunting EnHunt locates and attracts the most correct competence to you and your organisation. Via your agreement we create job advertisements as well.

Technical Consultants

Interim or consultant solutions might be the most suitable way when you want to hire the correct competence for a project or for a certain period of time. In case we would not have an existing matching engineer employed or hired for your assignment, we look forward finding a matching candidate for you.

Recruitment consultant

Part-time assignments may mean that we assist you with parts of your recruitment/HR work within your technical organization. This may mean that we take assignments for you at our office or being located at your office. For example, creating second-opinions, ongoing recruitments, personality tests, management or advice regarding recruitment processes, etc. Together with you we would like to discuss the best way in how we could help you and your organisation.

Employer Branding

We provide employer branding surveys where we contact your candidate target group, to listen to their impression of you as a potential employer. This can happen as part of a recruitment process or as a separate survey where you will learn what potential candidates thinks about you. We also offer help with an employer branding strategy. Contact us to see how we can help you!